The solar energy park

The main elements of the energy park comprise the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, the battery energy storage system (BESS) infrastructure and an onsite substation.

The PV panels will convert the sun’s energy into electricity for storage on-site, then being exported to the grid via a cable connection.

The principal components comprise:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and modular ground-mounting structures
  • Supporting infrastructure – inverters, combiner box, transformers – converting the direct current to alternating current and stepping up the voltage so it can be exported to the national grid
  • On-site substation to export electricity from the energy park to the national grid; including a control building with an office, welfare space and storage
  • A battery energy storage system (BESS) storing electricity on-site then releasing it into the national grid when it’s needed most. It may also enable energy to be imported from the national grid so it can be stored until it is needed
  • On-site cables connecting the solar PV modules and energy storage system to inverters which, in turn, connect to the transformers
  • Fencing enclosing the operational areas of the site, with security measures including pole mounted internal facing closed circuit television (CCTV) around the site perimeter
  • Access tracks to the site during construction and for routine maintenance when the energy park is operational
  • New planting around the site perimeter and within the solar PV area to enhance biodiversity and improve the landscape

In addition:

  • During construction in addition to the main construction compound, up to three temporary construction compounds will be required, as well as temporary roadways, to enable access to all the land within the energy park boundary
  • Opportunities for landscaping and habitat management will be explored in areas around the energy park equipment and other land within the DCO site to contribute to achieving Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Additional project design factors

Solar PV and energy storage technologies are rapidly evolving. The parameters of the DCO application maintain the flexibility to allow us to use the latest technology available at the time of construction subject to consent being granted.

Our DCO application does however seek a consent that restricts those aspects of the solar energy park which have potential environmental impacts including:

  • Height of the solar panels
  • Dimensions of infrastructure such as the BESS and on-site substation
  • Location of solar panels in the energy park

Indicative site layout plan

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We have created indicative visualisations of the solar energy park from certain viewpoints.

Viewpoint map

How a solar farm works

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